Can I Make Handwritten Modifications To My Typewritten Will?

June 16, 2014

Your typewritten Will likely reflected all your wishes when it was written, but things may have changed. It may be that you’d like to replace the executor you originally selected with another trusted family member. Or perhaps, you’ve decided that you’d like Grandma’s china to pass to your niece, rather than your nephew, and your […]

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Who Can Witness My Will in Texas?

May 28, 2014

Witnesses have a very important role in Will executions. It’s their job to verify that the Testator executed his will and had testamentary capacity and intent to do so. In order for a non-holographic Will to be valid, Texas requires that it be signed by two or more witnesses. The statute requires that the witnesses […]

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What Types of Wills are Recognized In Texas?

May 7, 2014

Texas recognizes two types of written Wills. An attested Will is the most common type of Last Will and Testament. To be valid, it must be in writing, signed by you, or another person at your direction and in your presence, and attested in your presence by at least two credible witnesses over the age of 14. […]

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Wacky Will Wednesday: Wills That Make You Go “Hmmm…” – Billy Standley

February 5, 2014

NB: This post is part of a series highlighting wills that contain some interesting, and sometimes bizarre, bequests and stipulations. You can see all these posts here. Billy Standley, loved his Harley Davidson motorcycle, which he credited for helping him keep his sense of adventure after he settled down to raise four children. He loved […]

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Defining “Handwriting” for Purposes of a Holographic Will

September 18, 2013

In a post explaining the requirements of a valid will in Texas, I wrote that a holographic will must be written completely in the testator’s own handwriting. Apparently there is some confusion about what constitutes “handwriting” for purposes of the statute. A reader commented that he printed all his letters in block style. “Is that […]

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How Many Witnesses Need to Sign A Will In Texas?

September 11, 2013

Texas recognizes two types of written wills and the witness requirements are different for both. Holographic Wills are Wills that are completely in the handwriting of the Testator and signed by him or her. The Texas statutes do not require that any witnesses sign a holographic Will. The requirements are different for attested Wills. To […]

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