Chuck Crider – Dallas, TX

As an in-house corporate attorney in my 16th year of practice, I was unsure about an unconventional (i.e., not meeting face to face with a lawyer in a conference room) legal consultation. However, after the initial phone call with Rania, I knew that she was extremely personable and empathetic to her clients. I also conducted a fair amount of due diligence and learned that she is an exceptional lawyer and is highly respected by her peers and clients.

Rania prepared a complete estate plan for me and my wife. She did a fantastic job (and she put up with me — lawyers can be the worst clients for a lawyer…). If we would have hired a traditional “brick-and-mortar” firm, we would have paid far more than what Rania charged, and honestly, Rania’s work is actually better than the work product produced by some of the high dollar firms and boutique estate planning firms.

In this day and age with video/teleconferencing, you don’t need to consult with a high dollar brick-and-mortar lawyer in a conference room. And once you speak with Rania, you will understand why.